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What You Didn’t Know About Christian Louboutin Shoes

The Louboutin pair are easy to find with their iconic red sole and stylish design, but not always. Founder Christian Lubutin has been experimenting with different colors, shoes design and inspiration since launching the brand. Next time you go shopping in Chicago, you cheap Christian Louboutin shoes will find Christian Lubutin on Oak Street.

Popular styles
The most popular style of Lubutin is Pigalle. It was designed for the Fall / Winter 2004 collection and was named after the quarter in Paris. The shoe has a short nose box that gives the illusion of a long belt. The shoe clearly emphasizes the red sole, introduced in 1993. It was created when Lubutin’s assistant thought he’d painted his nails red and added a sense of sexuality to the shoe. For a limited time, the baby’s blue soles had shoes. This bride is intended as a “blue thing”.

Interestingly, the first pair of Lubutin inspired Princess Diana in 1992. Lubutin thought it upset to look at the photo of the Princess of Wales, looking at her feet. Previously, Louboutin designed shoes for other brands and individual buyers, but this encouraged the idea of ​​creating a brand.

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